Auction Items

All sales are conducted in the exciting “live auction” format.


Pine Side Tables

One with Door, One with Two Drawers & One with Three Drawers

Inventory# 16315


Collection of Barbie Dolls

With Doll House, 2 V-W’s, Clothes, Plus a Wizard of Oz Montage with all Stars Pictured

Inventory# 16340


Glass Jars

(Sm, Med, Large)

Inventory# 15252


Collection of Household Items

Set of Salt & Pepper Shakers & Container with Lid by Folklore Juri-design from Norway, plus 2 ...

Inventory# 15638


Benjamin Fichus Tree

Benjamin Fichus Trees, also known as the Weeping Fig, look great when potted up and placed near ...

Inventory# 16488


Circa 1915 Chickering Piano

Chickering and Sons was an American piano manufacturer located in Boston, Massachusetts, known for producing award-winning instruments ...

Inventory# 16452